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Swap Block Transmission Mock Up Assembly

Assembly Instructions for Swap Block Transmission Mock Up

Instructions for Assembling a TR6060 and other Transmission Mock Ups

Hey, Guys. Jordan from G Force.

Today we're going to assemble our TR6060 Mock Up Transmission.

All of our Swap Blocks require two simple tools. A hammer and a crescent wrench.

Let's get started.

When you open your TR6060 Transmission Swap Block, you'll see the following 12 components. Using our patent-pending tab and slot fastening technique and laser etched letters, you're going to assemble your mock up transmission with ease using just a crescent wrench and a hammer.

Start by locating the large plate that resembles a bell housing phase, and the three long and narrow bell housing contour plates—match each tab with its corresponding slot.

Using the laser etched letters, bend each tab over in the same direction as the bent flanges; using a crescent wrench to get them started and a hammer to pound them flat. This will pull the plates together and create a rigid structure.

Next, take the plate with a single round hole and align and install on the top of the tabs of the three bell housing contoured plates. Note that the laser etching on the horizontal plates is always facing upward. Bend over the tabs.

Now enter the three transmission case plates and the top shifter plate as shown below. Bend over the tabs that you inserted into the slots.

Now we will bend the tail shaft plate 90 degrees at each laser perforated seam as shown. Take the last flat plate and align the slots to the tabs in the tail shaft plate you just formed, and insert through the side of the flat plate that has the laser etching, and then bend over the tabs.

Now align and install the tail shaft assembly to the four plates on your trans mockup, and bend the tabs over to fix everything together.

We include a flange with mounting provisions to replicate those on a 2016 and newer TR6060, if applicable. Install as shown if necessary.

And that wraps up the assembly of our TR6060 mockup.

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Thanks for watching.

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