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G Force A-Body Crossmember

 G Force A Body Crossmember

Hi, I'm Stephanie with G Force Performance. 

Today, Jordan and I will be talking about our A-Body line of G Force crossmembers. This group of GM intermediates includes model years 1964 through 1977. Some examples of A Bodies are Monte Carlo, El Camino, and Chevelle.

There are some important dimensions that you need to know when you are choosing your crossmember.

So, Jordan, what can you tell us about the frame of the vehicle?

Well, knowing what frame you have is the most important part when choosing a crossmember. Frames vary based on earlier, late or convertible, or hardtop. Hardtops typically have channel frames while convertibles typically have box frames. While this is the case for most of GM A Bodies there are some exceptions. And for this reason, it's important to check your hole center to hole center dimensions just to make sure you're getting the right crossmember.

So now let's move on to the installation process. The A-Body crossmember is installed with the transmission mounting tab positioned towards the front of the vehicle. Also, the exhaust clearance humps are closed on the top and they're open on the bottom.

So now Jordan can you give us some more tips on the install?

Well, a properly installed crossmember will provide an approximate 3 degree drive triangle.  For maximum adjustability, we recommend purchasing the shorter

transmission mount and utilizing the provided spacers to fine-tune the angle of your drivetrain.

Our crossmembers are designed to be a direct bolt-in to the frame rail holes but as with any vintage vehicle, the manufacturing tolerances aren't as good as they are today. So sometimes you'll run into the case where the holes don't align exactly. This is normal and has often been resolved by using a punch and slightly aligning the holes. 

Now what if our installer is also doing an engine swap?

Well, the engine swap might move the engine either forward or rearward. And that'll move the transmission mount as well. In this case, our crossmembers are designed for a little bit of movement, but if it's more than what the crossmembers allow you can check out our website for our Adjustable Transmission Mount.

Thanks Jordan. And thank you for joining us today. We hope this information has been helpful with your project. Be sure to visit us at to view our full line of crossmembers and performance products.

Questions about A Body Transmission Crossmembers?

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