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Cummins 6BT Conversion Kits

Cummins Conversion Kits from G Force

Cummins Conversion Components from G Force

Hey Guys—
Jordan from G Force Performance

Today we’re going to be talking a little bit about our Cummins conversion components. To start, we offer a full line of transmission adapters to bolt various transmissions to your Cummins engine. Some of those include kits for both an early and a late Cummins. 

So, an 89 – 02 would be the early style. That’s like a typical 12-valve, very basic engine. And then we’ve got the 03 – 17 which are the common rail and the 24-valve. So, that’s the engine side of things. And then we have kits to bolt each of those up to a Chevy style transmission, an Allison, and a 5R110. So, a Chevy transmission would be like a 700R4, Turbo 400, or a 4L80. So that’s our transmission adapter kits themselves.

But, if you’re thinking about doing a swap into an older K Series Pickup Truck, Chevy Pickup, from 73 – 87 we offer a drop Crossmember. It goes underneath the engine. Allows you more clearance for the oil pan and the 4-wheel drive system.

Then, we also have Motor Mounts for that same K Series Truck. There’s a couple of bundles on our website that include all of this and saves you a couple of bucks. We have hardware kits for everything. We also have a couple of toque converters for these Cummins conversions that are nice because it has a lower stall to accommodate for the Cummins engine.

So, if you want to learn more about this kit check us out at

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