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G Force Billet Fox Body Crossmember on Stacey David's Gearz


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You know one of the most popular project vehicles to pick up these days is a Fox Body Mustang because they made them forever. They have a whole aftermarket to support them and they’re cheap and easy to find. But, they do have one inherent weakness and that is in the factory transmission crossmember.

Look at this. Things are all cheap and flimsy. They allowed a lot of chassis flex and they were prone to rust. Well, G Force Performance decided to fix that problem forever. It came out with this billet aluminum crossmember for the Fox Body chassis.

Look at this thing. It'll bolt right in place and it's fully adjustable. So, you can fit pretty much any transmission you want into the car, and it does away with most chassis flex because it does away with these soft rubber ends.

Now, it also has double humps here to fit a dual exhaust system. And, the best part is it will fit any Fox chassis from a Mustang all the way up to an LTD. So you've got one of these cars stock or modified you need this crossmember and G Force performance says you can get one at 


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