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300zx LS Swap from G Force Performance Products

 LS Z32 Swap—It's Strong and It Works

Hi Guys, Stephanie and Jordan with G Force Performance Products talking to you today about our LS Z32 sets. We've been getting tons of emails and calls about when these are going to be back in stock, and, they are. They’re being packaged as we speak, ready to ship.

Jordan was one of our lead engineers on this set. And, in your opinion, what makes this such a popular swap?

Well, Nissan transmissions specifically the Z32 from 1990-96--it’s a great transmission. It’s cheap. It’s strong and it works. Our kit makes it possible to bolt your LS engine to that transmission. It comes with the adapter plate, flywheel, all the hardware to bolt it to your engine, and it also comes with a pilot bushing adapter. So, it just makes it an easy swap and we had great success with it.

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