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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about a LS Conversion

Here at G Force Performance, we get a lot of questions about LS conversions, and how our products can simplify the installation process.  Continue reading below for further information.

I need a new transmission crossmember for my LS conversion, but how do I know which one?

G Force Crossmember Next Generation and Legacy For LS Conversion

That is a question that we are asked often here at G Force Performance. The answer is not clear, but it is simple to determine. The first thing to consider is the LS engine conversion itself, and how it has affected the drivetrain location. With most LS engine swaps the engine is relocated forward between 1" and 2". Moving the LS engine forward is often required to provide adequate clearance to the firewall. The original early generation V8 engine has the cylinder heads offset forward from the back of the engine block. However, on the LS engine, the cylinder heads maintain a rearward position with the right side cylinder head actually flush to the back of the block. This is often where the need to move the drivetrain forward originates.  

So how do I know how far to move my LS engine forward? 

G Force Motor Mount For LS Conversion

That is another question that we are often asked about. The fact is that with all the potential variables in vehicle configuration and component selection, it is virtually impossible to provide a definite answer.  But a definite solution is available. A solution that allows for the potential variables in vehicles and components is the G Force Performance Model: GF-LS-MMA LS Conversion Adjustable Motor Mount Adapter Set.

This set of adjustable mounts allows you to position your LS engine in the stock OEM location, or forward 1 inch, or forward 2 inches. All in one motor mount set, and you do not have to remove the engine to change the position. Just remove the clamping bolts, and slide the engine to the optimum location, then reinstall the clamping bolts.  

Okay; I've installed my LS engine with the G Force Performance Model: GF-LS-MMA  Adjustable Mounts.  What about my transmission crossmember?

G Force transmission mount for LS conversion

Another great question. And a question which requires consideration of your installation variables. The first aspect to consider is—do you actually need a new transmission crossmember? You may already have a G Force Performance transmission crossmember that provides clearance for your large diameter exhaust. But since you have installed your LS engine, with your repositioned drivetrain, your transmission mount is now in front of your transmission crossmember. The good news is that if your offset is between 1 inch and 2-1/2 inches you can keep your existing crossmember by simply installing the G Force Performance Model: GF-GMATM  Adjustable Transmission Mount.

But what if you do not have the correct transmission crossmember for your build? Or possibly you have installed a transmission that positions the transmission mount rearward of your transmission crossmember?  

In that case, selecting a G Force Performance transmission crossmember to facilitate your build is the way to go. The first thingto consider in selecting the proper crossmember is to accurately determine your transmission. Next is to consider that unless otherwise noted, all G Force Performance Transmission Crossmembers are designed to accommodate the transmission at the OEM, or stock bellhousing location.

With this in mind, it is possible in some LS engine conversions that you may need both a G Force Performance Transmission Crossmember, combined with a G Force Performance Adjustable Transmission Mount. The adjustable transmission mount, LS Motor Mounts, along with our full line of transmission crossmembers are available now and proudly American made.

Do you have more information that may be useful to me as I prepare for my swap?

Yes! We have several articles you may find useful and we're constantly adding more. So check our blog page frequently. Here are a few about LS Swaps-


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