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G Force Dealer Newsletter | October 2020

Dear Dealer-

G Force is happy to announce several new products to expand your customer base.

First, let's talk about our next generation lightweight Crossmembers. For performance enthusiasts weight matters because any amount of weight added to or removed from the car impacts performance.

When weight is correctly removed to balance the load, the result is faster acceleration, less braking time, and improved handling. That's because to move the car the engine doesn’t work as hard. And, as a bonus, the lighter overall weight reduces emissions and fuel consumption. For the drifter or road racer, when everything else is equal, better lap times are result of a balanced weight-reduction.

G Force Performance Products Lightweight Crossmember Collection

For that reason, we re-engineered our most popular Crossmembers with a lightweight version that weighs 25 pounds or less. However, we maintained the strength, durability, and reliability you've come to expect from a G Force Crossmember. The results of an independent Load vs Deflection test showed a negligible difference in strength when compared to the original product.

You can find all of the details about our Lightweight Crossmembers on the product pages of our website. Find the entire collection here.

G Force RCNV-T56 Crossmember

RCNV-T56 Crossmember from G Force Performance Products

The RCNV-T56 has been added to our Crossmember Collection. It fits Models: Chevy II, Chevy II 100, Chevy II 300, Chevy II Nova, Chevy II Nova SS, Nova, Nova SS, Nova Super-Sport, Skylark, Apollo, Omega, Ventura, Ventura II, Phoenix for the years 1962-1967 and is specifically designed for the T-56 or 6L80E transmissions.

GM Adjustable Transmission Mount


GM Adjustable transmission mount

This patent pending transmission mount will align to your transmission Crossmember when your new drivetrain is moved forward. It's a simple bolt in mount that eliminates the hassle of swap misalignment and saves you time and money. Its' a must for a swap that requires moving your transmission 1" to 2", while allowing 1" to over 2-1/2" of offset. The G Force Adjustable Transmission Mount | GF-GMATM is easily adjustable prior to securing the self-locking slide bolt to secure the assembly in location. It fits most GM RWD vehicles and transmissions (manual or automatic), and transmission crossmembers that accept a dual stud pattern with a 1-1/2" center spacing.

1979-2004 Mustang Throttle Pedal | GF-MTP

The 79-04 Ford Mustang throttle pedal 

Ford Mustang Throttle Pedal from G Force

fits Fox Body & SN-95 Body Mustangs.It is CNC machined from 3/8" billet aluminum and robotically welded for hi-strength. The versatile side-to-side adjustments lets pedal move 1-1/8" to the left or right. The strong stainless steel bracket base mounts in the same OEM firewall location mount holes.


Mustang to SBC

Mustang to SBC Full Kits

1984-1995 Mustang to SBC Full Kit- Third Generation | GF-CM-PK-C1996-2004 Mustang to SBC Full Kit- Fourth Generation | GF-CML-PK-C
These power kits combine our popular adapter to directly bolt a SBC engine into your 84-95 or 96-04 Ford Mustang. They come with the high temp black headers, and the versatile G Force engine lift plates to ease your installation.


Low Stall Torque Converter

Low Stall Torque Converter

This heavy duty Torque Converter is what you need to gain the performance you desire from your Cummins swap and your GM 4L80E transmission. Our low stall converter has lock-up and the strength to hold up to the performance of your Cummins diesel engine.
It features:

  • Full size with lock-up.
  • Billet cover
  • Oversized carbon fiber clutch
  • Approximate 1200 RPM stall
  • Rated at 1,000 horsepower
  • Rated at 800 foot pounds of torque


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