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G Force Dealer Newsletter | December 2021

Dear Dealer-

Even with the supply chain issues everyone is experiencing, we’ve managed to end 2021 on a high note with the introduction to our product line of three new Crossmembers and our new and improved Mock Up Block Fixture.

The RCS10B-T56 and RCS10B-400 Crossmembers from G Force

Introducing the RCS10B-T56 and RCS10B-400. These two new crossmembers were engineered for 1982-2005 S10 Blazers with T56 and TH400, TH375, or 2004R transmissions respectively. Both are stock replacement Crossmembers and allow for dual head exhaust to be routed under them for easier header connection while keeping the exhaust above the frame rails.

The RCB3-4L80 Crossmember supports a 4L80E or 4L85E transmission in a 1977-1990 GM B Body such as a Bel-Air, Caprice, Impala, Biscayne, Electra, Le Sabre, Catalina, Bonneville, Delta 88, Starfire, or Delmont.


G Force LS/LT Mock Up Block

We upgraded our popular LS/LT Mock Up Block Fixture (GF-EJGM-LS) with more features like built-in header, intake, and front accessory locations. Engineered to simplify the fitment process during an engine swap, mechanics and DIYers also can test motor mount placement to the oil pan and bellhousing positions without maneuvering a heavy and tough to control engine in and out of the engine bay. The lightweight metal design makes fitment adjustments less awkward, and when needed, it stands up to the heat of welding.


G Force Crossmember Bundles

Plus, as a reminder, we recently added over 50 new Crossmember bundles which allow our Crossmembers to support even more Body Types and transmissions including the T56, T56 Magnum, T56XL, Magnum XL, TR6060, 6L80E Slip Yoke, 6L90E Slip Yoke, 8L90E Slip Yoke, and the 700R4 Tailshaft Mount. Each bundle includes a Crossmember and the appropriate Transmission Mount for the corresponding vehicle Body Type. You can find them in our New Products Collection along with the parts listed above and other parts added to our lineup this year.

Our goal is to start the New Year off right with the addition of several new products early in 2022.


Jeep Wrangler Double Adjustable Control Arm

Our Jeep Wrangler Double Adjustable Control Arm Kit is expected in stock any day. These control arms utilize heavy duty “Johnny Joint” rod ends, Aerospace Grade 7075 T6 Hex aluminum center, and are double adjustable with left- and right-hand threads so they can be adjusted while bolted to the vehicle. Watch our Social Media—Facebook and Instagram for an in-stock announcement soon, or drop me a note and I’ll let you know as soon as this part becomes available.

Our Honda K20/K24 engine to Z32 and Z33 transmission adapter kit is close to completion. The K20 is popularly known as the “LS” of the 4-cylinder engine. This is the first of K-Series adapters in development at G Force.


Porsche 944 Swap Kit

Finally, the 944 LS Swap Kit is almost ready. The first G Force swap kit that includes all the special machined and fabricated components necessary for a Porsche 944 engine swap. We manufactured a billet aluminum adapter plate, pilot bearing adapter, motor mounts, headers, speed signal reluctor ring, K member spacers, oil pressure sensor adapter, and Hydroboost mounting plate. With these components, LS Swapping your 944 is straightforward.

You can find specific information about all the products we've engineered to make transmission swaps and other popular automotive enhancements easier and more reliable at

Click on New Products for a complete list of the latest parts from G Force. We're sure your customers will like what we have to offer.

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