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Adjustable Transmission Mounts

Superior Transmission Mount Replacement Options

G Force GM or Ford Transmission Mount Replacement Parts

G Force Performance Products has a wide variety of performance Transmission Mount replacement parts including Spacers that get the job done right and keep your car running in tip-top shape. Whether you need components for Ford or GM, G FORCE offers them in the size you need to fit different makes and years of vehicles.


G Force Transmision Mounts


Symptoms of Transmission Mount Failure

A broken or badly worn transmission mount can create excessive driveline noise and vibration. It may even affect the operation of either your clutch, gear shifting linkage, or both. Depending on the severity of the wear, it can allow the transmission to move too much and even hit the floor of the car on hard launches & takeoffs. Excessive wear can also cause transmission cases to crack and break from too much twist and movement of the driveline while mounted firmly to the rear of the engine.

Be sure to replace your old worn out trans-mount with a G Force Transmission Mount replacement part. They are the best you can install and will last for a very long time, giving you years of worry-free performance with your transmission. Our transmission mounts are available for both GM & Ford applications.

Transmission Mount Replacements made of super-strong polyurethane

G Force Performance Products sells transmission mounts made from a super-strong polyurethane material, which results in a significant performance upgrade over the OEM plain rubber units. Because it is so much stronger and more durable than rubber, it will not dry out, shrink, crack-apart, melt, or crumble away from high heat cycles like rubber can do. It is also not affected by transmission oil, grease, gasoline, engine oil, brake fluid, or antifreeze spilling down onto the mount from leaks or drips above from engine compartment.

Transmission Mounts offered at G Force

GM Standard Transmision Mount
  Part # GMTM 

GM transmission mount GMTM-S
Part # GMTM-S
Ford Transmission Mount Part #FMTM
Part # FMTM


Makes and Models

The General Motors units fit all GM 2-wheel drive vehicles (including pickup trucks) from 1964-2001. However, the Ford mount fits only Fox body chassis (Mustangs, etc.) from 1979 -1993 and the newer Mustangs SN95 chassis from 1994 -2004. Also, our polyurethane performance transmission mounts fit both manual and automatic transmissions.



Ford Transmision Mount

Part # FM1TM



In addition to polyurethane mounts, G Force offers the old Ford OEM units available for those that want to keep everything stock on their project vehicle. This vintage Ford transmission mount replacement fits all the older Ford rear-wheel-drive automobiles from 1960-1982, including all the Mustangs from 1965-1973. This Ford OEM style transmission mount is made of steel and rubber to eliminate driveline vibration.

Patented Adjustable Transmission Mount

Adjustable Transmission MountPart # GF-GMATM

The G Force Adjustable Polyurethane Trans-Mount replaces your current transmission mount to give you the adjustability you will need when swapping out transmissions in your project vehicle. It is handy when moving the bellhousing location forward instead of rearward for a longer trans. This adjustable mount can help you eliminate the hassles of transmission miss-alignment to your crossmember.

  • This new Adjustable Transmission Mount fits all  GM Transmissions from  1964 - 2001 with any 2-bolt transmission mount hole pattern. It is slotted to fit the  3.75” &  4.25” GM bolt patterns.
  • It fits any GM application, manual, automatic, OEM, or aftermarket transmission. Works for installations into any GM 2-slot crossmember. Example transmissions include but are not limited to these—

Plus most Jeeps with GM units, and even the European ZF 6-speed transmissions—just to name a few.

  • The mount adjusts from 1" in. - 2.5" offset, which helps you reach your transmission crossmember mounting location, and it slides in either direction--forward or backward as needed for your car. To adjust the mounting location, simply loosen the horizontal Sliding-bolt, and slide the bottom mount-plate towards your transmission crossmember. Align the two studs downward, into the crossmember, and secure with the provided nylon lock-nuts and washers. Finally, tighten and secure the horizontal Sliding-Bolt using a torque-wrench to 20 ft./lbs. of torque.
  • The Adjustable Transmission Mount is 1.75" tall.
  • Adjustable Transmission Mounts are made from sturdy 3/16" in. thick steel, powder-coated for rust and corrosion resistance, and include high-strength Grade #8 mounting hardware. They feature polyurethane bushings to absorb road vibrations and harmonics. The Adjustable Transmission Mount fits most GM applications, including Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, Pontiac, and Jeep vehicles.


    Part # GF-FORDATM

    The Ford version is our newest Adjustable Transmission Mount and delivers the same flexibility as found in our popular GM version.

    Pontiac G8, Chevy Camaro, or Chevy SS Transmission Mount

    G8 Camaro SS Polyurethane transmision mount

    Part # GF-CG8SSTM

    Our newest transmission mount is vehicle specific. This transmission mount for a Pontiac G8, Chevy Camaro, or SS replaces the OEM mount which has rubber bushings. The G Force mount has polyurethane bushings and is more durable than the OEM. It is built for performance.

    No matter which transmission mount replacement you choose, our dedicated team is ready to answer your questions about transmission mount replacement as well as other conversion components including Crossmembers, Motor Mounts, and more. We have the parts you need to make for a better build.

    Questions about our Transmission Mounts?

    Live Chat or give us a call at 330-753-5300 

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