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SBC Mustang Headers Make Your Swap Easy

G Force Performance Products SBC Mustang Headers

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The Chevy small block engine is a common engine swapped into many makes and models of cars and trucks. One popular Small Block Chevy (SBC) swap is the SBC Mustang. The Ford Mustang is a great chassis for drag racing and street performance.

However, when the tired Ford small block engine isn’t powerful enough, enthusiasts often choose to swap in a Chevy powerplant. In order to make this engine transplant easy and straightforward, G Force offers components for the popular SBC in Mustang swap.

One of the parts G Force offers is the SBC Mustang swap headers. Designed and developed by G Force Performance Products, our SBC Mustang Headers are made to adapt the popular SBC engine into a 1984-2004 Mustang. These headers are designed to work in conjunction with the G Force SBC to Mustang Motor Mount Adapter and to conveniently clear the factory K-member.

Our SBC Mustang Headers are very competitively priced and make for an easy engine swap while allowing your Small Block Chevy to breathe and produce the most horsepower. The G Force headers are made of mild steel coated in a satin black hi-temp silicone resin coating that is rated for 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Manifold gaskets are included.

Image of Mustang SBC Headers | G Force GGF-CM-EHB

We also engineered another convenient feature into the design. Instead of using a flange-and-gasket in the headers, which is prone to leaking, G Force Mustang swap headers use a versatile ball-and-socket that allows for easy alignment and a fool-proof seal. The ball and socket connector between the header and the provided down pipes require no gasket and make an easy connection to your exhaust system.

SBC Mustang Motor Mounts

Additionally, to facilitate a more straightforward SBC in Mustang swap, G Force designed a unique SBC Mustang Motor Mount that makes creating an SBC Mustang a breeze. Used in combination with our SBC Mustang Headers, these two swap components yield great results for your SBC Mustang Swap.

Plus, our Motor Mount Adapters simplify the installation of a Chevrolet Small Block V8 into your 1984-2004 Ford Mustang. By utilizing the stock OEM K-member they retain the structural integrity that makes this such a popular platform.

The G Force Motor Mount Adapter is comprised of 3 basic components, a K-member adapter that bolts to the K-member replacing the original motor mounts, and two motor mount blocks that are designed to accept the SBC motor mount. All necessary hardware is provided to assemble the adapter and to bolt the assembly to the factory K-member.

Technical Notes:

  • The primary tubes are 1-3/4″.
  • The collector is a 3″ ball and socket with downpipes.
  • There are two different fast burn aluminum heads.
    • The early version will work with our G Force Performance headers.
    • However, the newer version heads will not work. They can be identified by looking for the Bow Tie Logo on the end of the castings. The ports on the newer version head, GM #19300955, have a D-port that is raised .200”. The newer version fast burn heads will not seal properly with the G Force header flanges.
  • Some Fox Body Mustang applications will require an aftermarket steering shaft with a small universal joint. The large rag-joint steering coupler will not clear.

The G Force Mustang to SBC Swap Kits are available for 1984-1995 or 1996-2004 Mustangs. 

Image of SBC Mustang Header Kit | G Force GF-CM-PK-C

Each kit contains:

  • Headers
  • Manifold Gaskets
  • Motor Mount K-member Adapter
  • Motor Mount blocks
  • Lift Plates
  • Installation hardware

There were more than a hundred million SBC engines produced from 1955 until now. SBC engines have evolved but the original Gen 1/2 Small Block Chevys are still being produced as crate engines today. They are easy to find, affordable, and reliable engines which is why they remain a popular choice for car enthusiasts looking to swap for a more powerful engine.

There are both carbureted and fuel-injected versions of the engine and each have their own pros and cons. Regardless of which you choose, the Chevy Small Block is a great engine to swap into a Mustang.

Our dedicated team is ready to answer your questions about our SBC Mustang Headers and other swap components.


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