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G Force Transmission Swap Crossmember installed

G Force Components for an Efficient Chevy S10 LS Swap

Chevy S10 Swap Continues Its Popularity

The popularity of the Chevy S10 LS swap or V8 conversion is evident at every local car show and on the track. The combination of a relatively light vehicle manufactured with the strength of a full frame makes the S10 perfect for performance builds. 

2001 S10 with 1991 LS1
 Photo Credit: Current Performance Wiring
Even though Chevy stopped production of the S10 in 2004, these popular trucks continue to command a following of their own. Therefore, aftermarket manufacturers respond to owner enthusiasm by providing new build options.

In fact, the list of performance modification choices seems almost endless. However, suspension upgrades and engine swaps are the most common modifications among professional and backyard builders.

A sometimes overlooked but often essential aspect of an S10 LS swap is matching a V8 engine to a transmission capable of performing to the builder's expectations. How to accommodate a new engine and transmission in a truck never intended for such a conversion is vital to a successful swap.

At the forefront of S10 Conversions

G Force Performance Products has long been at the forefront of the S10 V8 conversion market, starting with our line of transmission swap crossmembers. Whether you are running the strip with a Powerglide or cruising with a 4L80E, Muncie or T56—G Force has a crossmember for your S10 swap. The G Force Performance series of S10 transmission crossmembers provide the strength and exhaust clearance that builders desire for their V8 and transmission conversion.

Chevy S10 Crossmember Option Like G Force crossmember, our S10 series bolts directly to the frame with no need for cutting or welding. We engineer every transmission crossmember to accommodate large diameter performance exhaust systems. Because of this unique double-hump design, installation is a breeze.

Find a Transmission Crossmember for your S10 LS Swap

G Force has four S10 crossmembers fabricated explicitly for the popular 4L80, T56, Muncie, TH350, 700R4, and TH400 transmissions for model years 1982-2005. G Force also has your S10 Blazer in mind, which is also a bolt-in crossmember for the popular 700R4, T56, and the TH400 transmissions. Use our online guide to find the right crossmember for your project.

Don't forget a Motor Mount

LS Swap Motor MountAs the popularity of swapping V8's into S10's has evolved, S10 LS swaps' growth has taken a firm foothold. Once again, G Force is an aftermarket leader with our Adjustable LS Conversion Motor Mounts. Our motor mounts conveniently adjust to allow placement of your drive train from the stock, or OEM bellhousing location, up to 2" forward.

This flexibility ensures your LS engine cylinder heads and exhaust headers have the firewall's appropriate clearance as well as clearing other chassis components. Plus, our adjustable mount ensures proper engine drive-line angle alignment even in the forward position.

Reposition with ease using an Adjustable Transmission Mount

G Force Adjustable Transmission Mount

Another popular G Force LS conversion component for S10 conversions, as well as many other GM vehicles, is our patented Adjustable Transmission Mount. As with many LS swaps, the transmission must move forward to obtain both firewall and oil pan clearance.

The G Force Performance adjustable transmission mount simplifies this repositioning by adapting from 1" up to 2-1/2" of forward adjustment, all while retaining your stock transmission crossmember location. The flexibility of our adjustable transmission mounts easily take the frustration out of positioning your transmission correctly.

More from G Force Performance Products

G Force Performance is a track-proven leader in conversion products. With products ranging from diesel conversions to swapping a Chevrolet LS engine in your Nissan, G Force has the products to get the job done. Your Chevy S10 is no exception. From a specially designed transmission crossmember for your make, model and year, to conversion motor mount adapters and transmission mounts that adjust to fit your project's needs, G Force Performance is your first stop for critical components for your S10 LS swap.

Our dedicated team is ready to answer your questions about our S10 swap and other conversion components, including which crossmember, motor mount, transmission mount, and and other components are right for your project. We have the parts you need to make a smooth S10 build.

For general conversion information see our blog G Force - A Leader in the Transmission Conversion Aftermarket or Transmission Swap Basics


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