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2 New Engine Stands for Popular SBC and LS Conversions

New Engine Stands Make Storage and Transport Convenient

G Force LS and SBC Engine Stand
For the car enthusiast, engines take a lot of their time and attention. If you enjoy owning a classic, muscle, or race car, you understand. Often, you’re either talking about them, working on them, or planning your next project around them. So, it’s not surprising that you need special equipment like engine stands to store and transport them. 

Project Examples

One of those projects under consideration may be an engine conversion. Sometimes, because of the complexities of the venture, long term storage of the engine is necessary, and that is when an engine stand becomes very useful. Recently, G Force Performance products introduced a LS engine stand, as well as a Big Block (BBC) and Small Block Chevy (SBC) engine stand into their product lineup. G Force chose the LS along the BBC and SBC engines because of their popularity among engine conversion fans.

Engine Stand Uses

Car enthusiasts find these new two-piece engine stands useful primarily for transporting motors, or for long term storage. For stability, while moving the engine, G Force designed them with a low center of gravity. In addition, these engine stands conveniently attach at the same location on the engine block as is used when bolting the motor into the vehicle. Although these engine storage stands permit simple assembly operations from the top of the engine, they typically are not used for engine builds, maintenance, or repair. Furthermore, because they are low to the ground, they are not at a convenient work height.

The Details

Ls and SBC Engine Stands with casters
Chevy Engine Stand 

Weight: 25 lbs Dimensions: 23 x 18 x 4 Chevrolet Models: Big Block Chevy (BBC) and Small Block Chevy (SBC)

LS Engine Stand

Weight: 25 lbs Dimensions: 24 x 20 x 4

Transporting Made Easier

These sturdy yet lightweight engine stands come with a set of four casters, which are removable. The casters make moving the engine around your storage area effortless. Nevertheless, when detached, the engine stand is exceptionally stable for transporting the motor from one location to the another. Without casters, it also protects the motor from accidental drops, which may cause serious damage. With an 850-lb load rating, your LS or SBC engine is well supported even for extended periods of time. Plus, most oversized oil pans are not an issue for this new design.

Conveniently Stored Engine Stands

Because of the convenient two-piece design, these engine stands quickly store without taking up a lot of shelf space, which is always at a premium in any garage. The black powder coat finish ensures your engine stands look good for years to come.

Engine Storage Tips

A few precautions can prevent damage to any engine in long term storage.
  1. If the engine is in running order, make sure the oil is clean before storing it.
  2. Remove spark plugs and add light oil to the cylinders.
    • Rotate the engine a couple of times.
    • Replace spark plugs and tighten finger tight.
  3. Ensure the anti-freeze is good. If you’re not sure, replace it.
  4. Cover or plug all openings to prevent animals from entering and dirt accumulating.
  5. Place it on an engine stand to keep stable and prevent accidents.
  6. Drape with a breathable covering to keep clean.

Engine Storage Stand Made for the Job

Engine Stands make the storage and transport of your engine safe and easy. A stand specifically designed for your engine ensures a stable fit. Removable casters provide the flexibility you need for moving as well as storing your engine long term. Find out more about the LS Engine Stand and SBC Engine Stand as well as all other new products such as our next generation crossmembers, and adjustable transmission mount.

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