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Product Description

  • Engine: Cummins 12V 6BT 5.9L
  • Years: 1989-1998
  • Our patent-pending tab-and-slot version of the mock up block provides accurate mounting positions of engine accessories and bolt-ons.
  • Weighs only 33 lbs
  • This unique design is lightweight and comes disassembled for ease of shipping and storage.
  • Precision formed returns on all weight-bearing components and tight tolerance slots create a rigid and accurate representation of the Cummins 12V 6BT 5.9L engine block compared to bolt-together types.
  • One tool accomplishes accurate placement of a 12v 6BT Cummins engine into the chassis build of your choice.
  • Easily positioned by hand, the days of slinging an engine on a crane in and out of your build are over.
  • It's designed to bolt to your transmission while also permitting the attachment of oil pan, motor mounts, header, front timing cover, oil filter housing, and intake.
  • Save time and money and work more safely.
  • Durable steel construction resists heat from welding, so unlike foam blocks, custom motor mounts can be fabricated right on the block.
  • Comes with hardware for exhaust, motor mounts, bellhousing, oil pan, and timing cover. 
This video shows how to assemble the LS version of our Swap Block Engine Mock Up Blocks. Assembly with our patent pending tab and slot system is the same for all of our Swap Blocks.

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    1989 | 1990 | 1991 | 1992 | 1993 | 1994 | 1995 | 1996 | 1997 | 1998


    Cummins: 12V 5.9L 6BT


    Weight: 35 lbs

    Shipping Dimensions: 24 X 18 X 4 In

    Finish: Natural Metal

    Mounting Hardware: Included

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