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mocked-up swap block for engines

Why You Need a Mock Up Swap Block

Why a Mock Up Swap Block™ is Important for Your Next Engine Swap

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Jordan from G Force

Our Swap Block™ line of mock-up blocks is a G Force original patent pending design.

The purpose of a mock-up block is to ensure precise fitment of engine accessories and mounts in a chassis of your choice. Foam mock-up blocks have been around for a while, but they do have their downsides. Foam mockup blocks, if you try to weld motor mounts on them, tend to melt, which is not a good thing when you’re trying to fabricate anything in your engine bay.

The other downside to a foam block is the threaded inserts tend to pull out [of the block] when you tighten things to it or hang things on it. Not to mention, they’re very expensive.

Our Swap Block Mock Up Blocks are competitively priced. They all come as long blocks, and they also come with a full hardware kit to bolt all your accessories to them.

Another key feature of our mock up blocks is that they have this unique tab and slot design which allows them to be shipped flat to save on shipping and storage.
Another thing about this tab and slot design is each weight-bearing component has a precision-formed return on it so that when it is assembled, it creates a very strong and rigid structure.

We currently have mock up blocks for the LS, the Gen 5 LT, Small Block Chevy, and the Ford Godzilla. And we also have many more mock up blocks in the works.

If you want to keep up to date with our swap blocks, check out our website at

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