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Transmission Mock Up from G Force

Transmission Mock Up

A Great Addition to the G Force Mock Up and Swap Block Line 

Welcome back. Jordan from G Force.

You may have heard of us from our patent pending swap block mock up blocks. And today I'm going to show you our transmission mock ups. So these are a cool new additions to our swap block line. In front of me, I have a TR 6060, and a 6L80 and a 6L90 transmission. These are perfect for when you're putting a transmission into a vehicle that it didn't originally come in.

So you can know how much of the transmission tunnel you have to take out, if any. Also, you'll know exactly where your transmission crossmember lines up because it has all the bolt locations for both the automatic and the manual. For the manual transmission, this one has a spot to bolt your shifter up to so that you know exactly where your shifter is going to land inside the vehicle.

These come disassembled, very easy to assemble. We're going to have a video about how to do that. And I just think it's a great line up to our swap blocks. Another thing about these is they're super light. You can throw this thing in and out of your vehicle with ease and you're not underneath a transmission bench pressing it up into place.

So if you want to find out more about our Swap Block™ Mock Up Transmissions, check out our website at

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