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s10 LS swap crossmember

S10 Crossmember, LS Swap | G Force Performance


Hi welcome to G Force Performance Products.

My name is Bill and I'm here to tell you a little bit about some of our performance transmission crossmembers for the Chevy S10 and the GMC S15.

Now, these crossmembers are going to allow you to put any transmission you want into your pickup truck. That is your S10 and your S15 from 1982 to 2005. If you want, you can drop in a Turbo 350, a Muncie Powerglide, Saginaw, Borg Warner T10, Super T10. And if that's not enough for you—you can use this one and put in the Tremec 6-speed. The new one. The TR6060 or the performance model, the Magnum XL and the Magnum XL T56.

And, if automatics is more your choice then we certainly have them for you to put in the big powerful automatic like a 4L80, 4L85, 4L60, and, of course, the 4l60E.

Anytime you want a crossmember I urge you to check out G Force Performance Products.

You can go to our website, download our digital catalog, look at all of the offerings we have—all of the applications that we have, not only for S10 but for many others. 


Live Chat or give us a call at 330-753-5300

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