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press brake attachment

Press Brake Attachments for the DYIer

Helpful Tools for the  DIYer, Welder, or Fabricator

Press Brake Attachments

Hello, Jordan from G Force Performance

At G Force we’re always trying to come out with new innovative accessories and tools for the Do-It-Yourselfer. In front of me I have our 12” Press Brake Attachment and our 6” Shop Vise Brake Attachment.


These are pretty neat. They’re perfect for the Do-It-Yourselfer, the welder, the fabricator that is bending and making things in their garage. The 12” version attaches to a typical hydraulic shop press and bends up to 3/8ths inch steel.

And, the smaller version goes in a 6” bench vise and will bend up to 14-gauge steel. Both of these are available on our website

Thanks for watching.

If you want to learn more about this, you can check our website out at

Watch our YouTube Channel.

Questions about Press Brake Attachments?

Live Chat or give us a call at 330-753-5300

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