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GF MTP, Ford Mustang Billet Aluminum Throttle Pedal, 1979 2004, Mustang Gas Pedal

Hey everybody, it’s Stephanie and Jordan with G Force Performance Products.

We're talking about our Ford Mustang throttle pedal today. We actually developed this at the request of a local bracket racer who's having issues with his pedal bending and eventually breaking.

So Jordan, can you tell us a little bit about the features of our pedal versus the stock pedal?

Sure, this is a stock mustang peddle. What they're known for is bending. Right in this area. A lot of people think it's their throttle cable stretching, but in fact it's the bending of the stamped steel pedal.

What we've done and to fix that problem is make our CNC machined billet aluminum throttle pedal. This thing looks great. It's a lot more rigid than the stock pedal, and it comes equipped with stainless steel hardware to bolt right into your Mustang.

These things are designed to be used with aftermarket throttle cables and it's just an overall really good design.

So, compared to other pedals like this on the market where does this come in and price-wise, functionality?

Sure, the other ones are made out of low-carbon steel. They're not as strong and they're going for about 200 bucks. Ours retails for $149 and it's been track-proven.

And they're in stock and ready to ship today.


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