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Camaro Transmission Mount

G Force G8 Camaro SS Transmission Mount

Hey Guys—Jordan from G Force Performance.

I know I’ve talked about our standard transmission mounts as well as our adjustable transmission mounts but here we’re going to get into something a little more specific application oriented here.

This is a transmission mount with polyurethane bushings for a Camaro, a Chevy SS, and a Pontiac G8 [GF-CG8SSTM].

What’s nice about this is that it’s a very heavy duty design and it’s polyurethane. Now, most manufacturers they put mounts in the vehicles made of rubber. Now rubber is good for absorbing noises and vibrations and such. But, the problem with it is it’s very flimsy, you lose a lot of power to the rubber and the rubber sometimes tends to tear, fall apart, and it’s not very a performance application.

So that’s why we came out with this polyurethane version. Bolts right in and you get a much performance-oriented transmission mount.

So, if you want to check this out go to

Thanks for watching.

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