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f body and x body transmission crossmembers

G Force F-Body and X-Body Transmission Crossmembers


Hey guys, I'm Stephanie with G Force Performance.

Today, we are talking about our F-Body and X-Body line of G Force Crossmembers. Depending on the model and the year of your vehicle, this crossmember is interchangeable between the two body styles. Some examples of F-Bodies are Camaro, Firebird, and Trans-Am, while the X-Body group includes 1968 through1974 Nova.

So Jordan, what are some of the key differences between the two body styles. Well, the F and the X Body, they share the same subframe, but they have different body bushings. For this reason, they're designed for maximum exhaust clearance, but they're also rigid and strong for those high horsepower applications.

Our crossmembers have these exhaust clearance humps that provide enough clearance for at least 3" exhaust. They're made from structural steel, and they're welded with precise robotic arms, and then they're sent off to the powder coating line with a nice black finish.

Now can you walk us through the install?

Well, our crossmembers are all installed with the G Force decal facing the rear of the vehicle. The exhaust clearance humps are closed at the top and open at the bottom. All of our crossmembers come with 7/16" hardware which is bigger than the factory hardware and will require enlarging the holes. If you don't want to enlarge the holes, you can get away with the stock size hardware, but we do recommend that you get Grade 8.

What if our installer is also doing an engine swap?

Well, our crossmembers are designed for a little bit of movement in the drivetrain. But if your engine moves more than what the crossmember allows, check out our website for our adjustable transmission mount.

Thanks, Jordan, and thanks for joining us today. We hope this information has helped you with your project.

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