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Motor Mounts for Ford Focus and Honda Civic from G Force

G Force Civic and Focus Motor Mounts

Billet Aluminum and Polyurethane Motor Mounts for Honda Civic and Ford Focus

Hey Guys, Jordan from G Force.

Today I'm introducing a couple of the motor mounts that we offer. We offer a variety of different styles of motor mounts, but in front of me, I have a couple that are machined out of billet aluminum and polyurethane.

So, the benefits of upgrading to a polyurethane motor mount is it reduces the motor deflection and the torque steer in your cars.

In front of me, I have the motor mount for a 2016 to 2021 Honda Civic and a 2013 to 2018 Ford Focus. These are just a couple examples of the motor mounts that we manufacture.

But if you want to find out more or purchase, check us out

Thanks for watching.

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