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Ford Mustang S197 Adjustable Upper Control Arm Installation

Out with the old—
In with a New Double Adjustable Control Arm 

G Force strongly advises always using industry recommended safety equipment. 

S197 Mustang Adjustable Upper Control Arm | GF-MSCAA-U

Hey Guys, Jordan from G Force

Today we’re going to be installing our adjustable upper control arm on our 2005 Mustang.

Alright the first step to the install is removing the backseat. Nest we’re going to remove the single bolt in the backseat.

When installing the control arm I like to add another jack underneath the differential for added support. So now that we’re under the car we’re going to remove the two more bolts.

She’s out.

Now I’m going to install the G Force Adjustable Upper Control Arm.

That’s like 3 2 so we’re pretty good. Hey, there it is. Easy install.

Okay, so now we’ve got the old, flimsy non-adjustable control arm out. New G Force one in. Now it’s going to perform much better and we’re going to be able to adjust our pinion angle easily.

Thanks for watching.

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