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cummins with allison transmission conversion kits

Unleashing Power: Cummins with Allison Transmission

Cummins Plus Allison a Powerful Combination

cummins with allison transmission

If you're in the world of heavy-duty trucks and high-performance vehicles, then you're likely familiar with the dynamic partnership between Cummins engines and Allison transmissions. This formidable combination has powered the automotive industry for years, delivering exceptional performance, durability, and reliability. 

In this article, we'll delve into the seamless integration of Cummins engines with Allison transmissions, focusing on the legendary 6BT Cummins engine. Discover the advantages and intricacies of using Allison transmissions for Cummins-powered vehicles.

Cummins to Allison Conversion Kits from G Force

The 6BT Cummins Engine

At the core of this exceptional partnership lies the 6BT Cummins engine, an inline-six diesel engine renowned for its robustness and efficiency. This engine has earned its place in the automotive hall of fame for its incredible torque. It's the ideal choice for heavy-duty applications such as trucks, buses, and industrial equipment. With a reputation for unmatched longevity, the 6BT Cummins engine has become the preferred powerplant for those seeking unparalleled performance.

How Cummins Engines Evolved

Cummins engine transmission swap

Before diving into the specifics of Cummins and Allison together, it's worth understanding the different generations of Cummins engines available for swaps. The Cummins 6BT, also known as the "12-valve" engine, was initially introduced in 1989 and is celebrated for its simplicity and reliability.

  • First Generation (1989-1998): This 5.9-liter engine was renowned for its mechanical fueling system, making it easy to work with. Although often considered underpowered by today's standards, the first-generation engine can be tuned for impressive performance.
  • Second Generation (1994-1998): The addition of the Bosch P7100 injection pump in this Generation brought more power without sacrificing drivability. It's often seen as the best value among 6BT motors.
  • Third Generation (1998.5-2002): These engines introduced electronic controls with the Bosch VP44 injection pump. While more efficient, they are slightly more complex.
  • Fourth Generation (2003-2007): Featuring the Common Rail Injection System, these engines are more capable and powerful but also more complex due to advanced electronics.

What makes an Allison Transmission a Good Choice?

The Allison 1000 Series transmissions have become a go-to choice for Cummins swaps. Developed initially for Duramax pickup truck engines, they excel at handling the torque generated by Cummins engines. 

One of the key advantages of using an Allison transmission is the ability to fine-tune transmission performance to match your specific driving requirements. This level of customization enhances your on-road and track experiences.

A Brief History of Allison Transmissions

Allison transmissions were significantly impacted when GM replaced manual transmissions with the Allison 1000 Series for their diesel engines in 2001. This shift marked a turning point in transmission technology, introducing features like dynamic shift schedules and engine braking. The adaptability, size, and power of the Allison 1000 Series quickly made it the transmission of choice for many enthusiasts.

What are the Benefits of a Cummins Allison Swap?

Now, let's explore the compelling reasons why a Cummins Allison swap is a popular choice among automotive enthusiasts:

  • Performance: Cummins diesel engines offer significantly more torque than traditional gasoline engines, improving acceleration and towing capacity.
  • Engine Longevity: Cummins diesel engines are renowned for their durability and longevity. It's not uncommon for a Cummins engine to outlast the vehicle itself.
  • Improved Fuel Economy: Diesel engines are inherently more fuel-efficient than gasoline engines, saving you money over time.
  • Straightforward Modification: Cummins engines are highly modifiable, with a wide range of aftermarket upgrades and resources available for enthusiasts.

Allison Cummins Transmission Adapter Kits from G Force

You'll need the correct adapter kit to create the perfect Cummins Allison combination. G Force Performance Products offers two adapter kits depending on the year of your Cummins engine:

G Force Cummins to Allison Adapter Kits
  • 1989-2002 Cummins Allison Conversion Adapter Kit | GF-A-S: Designed to bolt a 6BT Cummins engine to an Allison 1000 automatic transmission for model years 2001 – 2007 or with the LT Duramax bellhousing pattern. This kit includes a bellhousing adapter plate, flexplate, and mounting bolts.
  • 2003-2017 Cummins Allison Adapter Kit | GF-A-SL: This kit is engineered to bolt a Cummins 6BT engine to an Allison 1000 Series automatic transmission for model years 2001 – 2007 or with the LT Duramax bellhousing pattern. It includes a bellhousing adapter plate, flexplate, and mounting hardware.

In the world of high-performance vehicles and heavy-duty trucks, the combination of Cummins engines with Allison transmissions stands as a testament to innovation and power. From the legendary 6BT Cummins engine to the adaptability of Allison 1000 Series transmissions, this partnership offers unrivaled performance, longevity, and customization options. The right adapter kit can make all the difference in achieving your vehicle's ultimate power and reliability. So, embrace the power of Cummins with Allison transmission and experience the road like never before.

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