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mock up engine swap block

Engine Fitment Made Easier and More Accurate with G Force Mock Up Swap Blocks

G Force Engine Mock Up Block with components attached

Unmatched Accuracy, Versatility, and Ease-of-Use for the DYIer

In the ever-changing world of automotive engineering, precision and innovation are central to good design. Car enthusiasts and professionals alike know the importance of accurate engine fitment, especially when it comes to conversion and swap projects.

G Force Engine Mock Up Blocks for LS, LT, SBC, and Ford Godzilla

G Force Performance Products recently unveiled a game-changing solution in the form of Mock Up Swap Blocks™ designed for LS, LT, SBC, and Ford Godzilla 7.3L engines. These innovative Swap Blocks are set to transform the engine fitment process.

What are the benefits of the Mock Up Swap Blocks introduced by G Force, and which types of engines are they designed for?

G Force's Swap Blocks are engineered to cater to LS, LT, SBC, and Ford Godzilla 7.3L engines, and they offer a range of benefits that make them a valuable addition to any automotive project. These patent-pending engine block mock-up blocks are designed with precision and versatility in mind. They enable enthusiasts and professionals to achieve accurate engine fitment during an engine swap for motor mounts, oil pans, headers, water pumps, and more, ensuring that the heart of the vehicle aligns perfectly with the chassis, leading to better performance and overall safety.

How do the Engine Mock Up Blocks from G Force improve engine fitment, and what materials are they made from?

Engine Mock Up Block Godzilla

One of the standout features of G Force's Mock Up Engine Swap Blocks is their construction. Crafted from high-strength steel, these blocks are built to last. The use of high-strength steel ensures they withstand the rigors of engine installation, including the heat generated during welding—a task that foam-based designs often struggle with. The robust construction of these Mock Up Blocks provides reliable support for various adjustments and accessories during engine installation, contributing to a safer and more efficient fitment process.

What advantages does the tab-and-slot design of the Mock Up Blocks offer?

The tab-and-slot design of these Mock Up Blocks simplifies assembly and offers compatibility with multiple accessories and bolt-ons. The durable steel construction withstands welding for custom fabrication of components such as motor mounts, which is not possible with other designs. Our mock up blocks allow for fine-tuning component fitment for a seamless transfer from mock up block to engine. It's worth noting that each tab and slot retains a five-thousandth tolerance, ensuring that precision is not compromised.

The Vision Behind G Force's Swap Blocks

G Force Engine Mock Up Block with components attached
G Force Performance Products collaborated with Advanced Resources, LLC to engineer these innovative Mock Up Blocks. The selection of the LS engine, LT engine, SBC engine, and Ford Godzilla 7.3L engine was a thoughtful choice, as these engines are popular among car enthusiasts for conversion and swap projects. Blocks for Cummins and other engines are in the works.

Ease of Use and Availability

The convenience of G Force's Mock Up Blocks doesn't end with their precision. These blocks come disassembled for ease of shipping and storage, offering added practicality for customers. Assembly is straightforward, as shown in the assembly video below. Visit the G Force YouTube Channel for more tech tips and instructional videos.

In addition, G Force's Mock Up Blocks come complete with hardware for exhaust, motor mounts, bellhousing, oil pan, and water pump, ensuring that you have everything you need to facilitate a smooth and efficient engine installation process.

Looking Ahead

G Force Performance Products is not stopping here. They plan to continue their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction by developing additional versions of Mock Up Blocks tailored for engine swaps with Cummins, Hemi, and Ford engines in the near future. This speaks to their dedication to serving a wide range of automotive enthusiasts and professionals.

G Force's Swap Blocks are a game-changing addition to the world of engine fitment. Whether you're a dedicated car enthusiast or a professional seeking precision and efficiency, these Mock Up Blocks offer unmatched accuracy, versatility, and ease of use. Say goodbye to the challenges of engine installation, save time and money, and work more safely with G Force's innovative solution.

Your Engine Swap Starts with G Force.

Performance Engineered from Start to Finish

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