Engine Jig LS/LT


Model: GF-EJGM

G Force Performance has changed the game with its newly released LS and LT engine skeleton. That is right, this lightweight engine skeleton, or jig, replicates both the popular LS engine mount dimensions, as well as the Gen 5 LT mount dimensions. One tool accomplishes accurate placement of both engine series into the chassis build of your choice.

This lightweight design weighs only16 lbs. and is easily positioned by hand. The days of slinging 500 lbs. from your crane and trying to slightly bump that massive weight into an accurate location are gone. The G Force Performance Engine Skeleton is designed to bolt to your GM transmission, while also permitting attachment of your oil pan and motor mounts.

This LS and LT engine skeleton from G Force Performance is patent-pending, and just the first in a planned series of popular engine applications. This engine skeleton is a tool that saves you time, and money, and allows you to work safer in your garage or shop.

Note: Motor Mounts and Bellhousing sold separately.  See full kit GF-EJGM-1-KIT

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12.5 × 17.5 in

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