RCBE 1965-1970 B body crossmember- Trans Group GM-1 and mounting hardware

1965-1970 B body crossmember- TH350 Trans GM-1


Model: RCBE

Models:  Bel-Air, Caprice, Impala, Biscayne, Electra, Le Sabre, Catalina, Bonneville, Delta 88, Starfire, Delmont, Delta 88, etc…

*Important Note *:   You must first measure your frame across Frame rail to  Frame rail  ( hole center to hole center).    This should be 54″ inches across

for this trans-crossmember to install properly without modifications. 

The GForce RCBE, 65-70 B Body Crossmember fits Transmission types TH350, Powerglide, Muncie, Borg Warner T-10, Saginaw, BW Super T-10, and TH250.   (NOTE:   If your car was OEM equipped with a TH400,  or has two (2) sets of trans-crossmember mounting brackets on each frame rail, then this crossmember will also accommodate your TH400  or  2004R  transmission.


Installation Instructions for GM applications.

-A commercial automotive lift is recommended for under car installations.
-Never work under a car supported by jacks or other unstable lifting devices.
-If a commercial lift is not available, always support the car at all four corners of the frame with jack stands or other stable holding devices.
SAFETY GLASSES ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. (Metal chips, falling dirt and rust are an eye hazard.)
-Support transmission with a suitable lifting device. (Do not crush the transmission pan. The internal pickup screen is very close to the pan surface.)
-Remove transmission mount bolt/stud. (Some vehicles are equipped with one, while others with two.)
-Remove bolts that mount the crossmember to the frame.
-If attached, remove speedometer cable and emergency brake bracket from the crossmember .
-Remove OEM crossmember -carefully lifting transmission if needed.
-Discard rubber isolators at ends of crossmember if equipped. They will not be reused.
-A new transmission mount is recommended. Use the centered type only, offset mounts will not fit.
-Remove sand, debris, and mst from inside frame rails. The new crossmember should be mounted on clean surfaces. (This is also the perfect opportunity to clean and detail the undercarriage.)
-For vehicles originally equipped with 3/8″ crossmember bolts, open (re-drill) existing holes on frame to 1/2″. If you prefer to retain 3/8″fasteners, upgrade to Gr. 8 bolts and hardened flat washers.
-Install new crossmember. (On “G” Body cars position the larger hump on the passenger side of the car.)

NOTE: Some minor contact between the floorpan and the crossmember may occur due to body bushing settling and deterioration, or a bowed floor pan. Usually, this is not a problem. A hydraulic floor jack with a wood cushion will correct a bowed floor.
-Install new crossmember to frame mounting bolts.
-Install transmission mount bolt/stud.


-Recheck all bolts.
-Installation complete.
NOTE: Many G Force Crossmembers utilize the early GM double stud transmission mount configuration, for the increased strength aspects. Should your vehicle originally be equipped with a single centered stud transmission mount, simply replace your transmission mount with the early style.


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