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UMTR Racer - Greg Changet


Good Luck, Greg!

Saturday, November 20

The engine is out and the bearings have been checked.

Everything looks good for next year!

Greg Changet race car with engine out

Friday, November 12

Now that the season is over the winter repairs and inspection process has begun.Every winter I pull the transmission and engine out and tear them down to inspect them. I check the gears and sliders in the transmission and tear down the engine to check the bearing for wear.

Greg Changet Race Car at UMTR Fall Nationals Sept 4, 2021

Saturday, November 6

It was a great finish to the season at Dragway 42 with our best time of the year—8.87 at 149.6 mph!

Priming the fuel pump at Dragway 42

Saturday, October 23

Race day at Dragway 42 in West Salem.

The first race of the year with Q16 fuel. 

We have a winner! The first 8 second pass of the season.

See below for priming the oil pump, warming up, and winning!

Priming the fuel pump at Dragway 42

Wednesday, October 20

Cooler weather is here!

It's time to switch from C12 to Q16 fuel for increased horsepower.  This change requires replacing the size 100 jets to 106 to accomodate for the differences in the fuel and the cooler temperatures. 

Starting fuel jet switch Greg Changet
Fuel jet switch complete. Ready for Q16 fuel.

Sunday, September 19 

We decided to hit the local track (Magnolia) for a nice Sunday. The car probably ran the best it has all year, but the driver sucked - LOL!

I red lit the first round and went home disappointed again. Sooner or later I will get my head straight and go some rounds

Looking forward to the  next race in a couple of weeks.

Saturday, September 4

Looked good at the Sept 4 - UMTR Fall Nationals at Quaker City Motorsports Park. We worked really hard on finding the happy place for the clutch. The data logger showed we needed less clutch and more RPMs. We're really close to dead on now. The goal is to make the car as quick as possible, yet consistent. 

We red lighted in the 2nd round to end our day, but we made great progress - 9.14 @ 145MPH.  We're happy with our tweaks.

Greg Changet Race Car at UMTR Fall Nationals Sept 4, 2021

Sunday, August 8

It was a great weekend at Tad and Jims Dragway.

Saturday, July 31

Despite a little mishap we ran our best 60ft time ever in this car.

Sunday, July 18

Unloading for the race at Magnolia.

Sunday was not a good day. During the burnout for the first time trial something happened in the transmission where I lost reverse. In order not to risk major damage to the transmission I ended my day early.

This is the life racing a stick car. You get good at removing transmissions, fixing, and installing.

Saturday, June 19

Looks like the rain is going to hold off. Found and fixed the cause of the bad vibration.

Sunday, May 30

Race ready!

May 13

G Force Sponsorship and logo in place!

Sunday, April 25

Loading car for first race of the season at Dragway 42.

April 22

Doing some testing in prep for the season.

April 7

Ready to go racing. This is going to be a good season!

March 20

Spring is finally here and it's time to get the car ready for the season!