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GForce Performance

GForce Performance Products: Aftermarket Automotive Parts Leader

GForce Performance is the exclusive producer of GForce transmission crossmembers and the adjustable transmission mount. We are also a top manufacturer of transmission flywheels, swap kits, adapter plates, and other parts essential to engine and transmission swaps.

From the introduction of our first patented transmission crossmember, GForce Performance Products focused our energies on producing quality parts that help car aficionados accomplish their automotive aspirations. Today, GForce Performance engineers continue to develop groundbreaking designs that enhance our reputation as manufacturers of exceptional parts. As a result, we are considered industry leaders in various types of motor mounts, transmission crossmembers, conversion kits, and adapters.

What is a Transmission Swap?

Gold car on lift with two men working on transmission swap GForce Performance parts

Basically, a transmission swap involves switching the original factory spec transmission for another. Frequently the substitute transmission is one which was not installed on the assembly line for the vehicle. Often, when deliberating about a swap, the conversation refers to the most familiar type of conversion—an automatic to a manual transmission. However, the term also pertains to any change for performance benefits, whether it is a manual to manual, automatic to automatic, automatic to manual, or manual to automatic conversion. Every permutation is possible and has its advantages and issues.

Reasons for a Swap

Car enthusiasts swap transmissions for many reasons—
  • To reduce identified OEM limitations
  • As part of a motor swap
  • For higher performance benefits
  • To get a vehicle running again
  • For better fuel efficiency
  • To better manage heavy loads

Numerous Transmission Choices are Available

Often there is more than one transmission alternative for any given swap. For the beginner, the options can be perplexing. For example, the 700R4, 4L60, and 4L60E are each 4-speed automatic transmissions. In fact, they are upgrades of the same transmission made from 1982 to 2013 by GM for use in rear-wheel-drive cars and trucks. Still, a careful review uncovers the differentiations.

The 700R4 started replacing the TH350 3-speed transmission in 1982. Even though initially there were some design issues, by 1987, the 700R4 was much more reliable. While unchanged, in 1990, GM altered their naming conventions and began calling this transmission the 4L60. Three years later, GM modified it with electronic controls instead of mechanical, and GM launched the 4L60E.

As a result of that change, adjusting things like torque converter lockup and shift points became easier. These modifications, among others, now could be made through a program. Whereas, in earlier mechanically controlled versions, making the same changes required dismantling the transmission.

What the Experts Say

Experts think the 700R4 or 4L60 is one of the top 4-speed automatic transmission ever manufactured. Not surprisingly, it is frequently used for transmission swaps. Among other rationales for this swap, car enthusiasts choose the 4L60 its improved fuel efficiency and because of its first gear ratio of 3.06:1, which delivers superior acceleration and better off-road driving.

The durability and reputation of these transmissions make them a commonplace option for beginners and knowledgeable car enthusiasts. However, because of the enhancements made to these transmissions over the years—1987 and later 700R4s and 1990-1993, 4L60 transmissions enjoy widespread use.

Other Possibilities

Meanwhile, other alternatives to the 700R4 include the TKO-500, TKO-600, GM Tremec, and GM-T5. Obviously, anyone executing a swap and novices, in particular, should investigate their transmission options carefully.

G Force Performance and the Aftermarket

Because of the inevitability of transmission swaps, as well as their popularity, many aftermarket manufacturers offer parts  to make conversions more straightforward. GForce Performance Products focuses on designing and manufacturing components for that market. We produce a full line of parts, including transmission mounts, crossmembers, adapter kits, and other accessories.

What is the purpose of a Crossmember?

GForce Performance Next Gen Crossmember RCG-400NG-BLK next to Legacy RCG-400

Crossmembers support the transmission. They are steel reinforcements that bolt across the underside of the body of a vehicle. Crossmembers are essential to body panel alignment and proper handling. Also, they must be strong enough to resist deflection and twisting. For those reasons, GForce Performance has developed a complete line of crossmembers for various transmissions, body types, and motor combinations.

Guaranteed to fit like your factory transmission crossmember, with GForce Performance crossmembers, there is no need to modify mounting locations. Our bolt-to-frame design removes the need for cutting or welding to make your crossmember fit. We include Installation instructions with our crossmembers, and most also include mounting hardware.

Finally, GForce Performance sets high standards to ensure our products stand up to the toughest loads. In addition, our double-hump design guarantees there is more than enough room for your factory or aftermarket exhaust system.

The GForce Performance Pledge

The highest priority at GForce Performance is customer satisfaction. We carefully design and test our parts for fitment, strength, and weight. GFoprce engineers our parts without compromise. Our innovative designs make GForce Performance a leader in the transmission and suspension industry.

That is why our knowledgeable and enthusiastic technicians are ready to provide the support you need.  


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